About Rustic Daisy's

What can you find at Rustic Daisy’s?

This store combines my love for country living, supporting local businesses and artists, as well as travel.  As a result, we have a variety of local products from Ontario, but also others from around Canada.  By having so many cultures and a wide area to choose from, there is so much that Canada has to offer, that there is no need to look to other countries for many products to fill your home with cozy items.  I am proud to support all the national artists that have contributed to making my business possible.

While I believe that staying local is important, I will have a small travel section, where I have been able to gather products that have a story and a cause.  These products from around the world, help support local women and families with their lives in their country, with the proceeds going directly back to them.  Using their skills and talents, these women are working to help support their children’s education and healthcare.   (Keep posted on their arrivals and story behind them) 


About the Owner:

My name is Cat McCrimmon and I am the owner of Rustic Daisy’s.  I started this company in 2017, although it has been something I have been looking forward to doing for a while now.  For over ten years, I have worked in the retail business working in local independent businesses.   It is through these businesses that I came to fall in with retail as it is a great way to connect me to the both the community and the people that come through the store.