News of the Week

Hey Everyone,

 December 1st has officially come in with a bang...or at least an ice storm! We started this weekend out strong with our first Christmas open house and I want to thank you again for coming out! 

TUESDAY DECEMBER 3rd we will start our Advent Calendar of sales! So make sure to see checking in to what sale we have ongoing during our countdown to CHRISTMAS 


SURPRISE BOXES... still having a hard time with what to get that special person for Christmas let me do the shopping! Message me with: GENDER, 3 INTERESTS and PRICE POINT and Ill happily put a bag/box together that will be filled with amazing high quality products that will please anyone and it'll be a surprise for both of you! 


WEBSITE ... Slowly updating it to do more of a subscription plan for several price points.. please stay patient! Email me with any questions or suggestions on what you would like to see at Rustic Daisy's in... 2020 (