News of the Week

Hey everyone, 

 This week has been extremely quiet and I am assuming thats because everyone is out in this glorious province of ours enjoying the weather and enjoying the many lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers that we have! If you havent already pick up a Shop Local for the Burlington and surrounding area and see if you can spot the 2 Rustic Daisy's ads that are in there. Promoting all things beach wear! 

We are still promoting our October PROMO boxes that will have a full box full of wintery items in them for your enjoyment! 3 levels of purchase and tons of great products all made by local vendors! These boxes won't last long and products in the box are EXCLUSIVE to the box so order yours soon! Great idea for Christmas presents for sending to loved ones! Email me at to order yours now and check the home page for a breakdown of prices!  

If you haven't  already please do check out our facebook and instagram pages @RusticDaisys and Rustic_Daisys we have lots of great pictures of products.

Thanks again for supporting local independent business' and keep shopping Canadian.