News of the Week

Hey Everyone,

Update! We had a huge success with our frontline worker donations. We donated a total of 75 bags to two of the retirement homes in Waterdown and the staff loved them! 

 We have more masks coming in regularly so if you are in need of one please reach out to me. Kid masks come in 3 different sizes ages 2-5; 5-10; and 7-12 are available

We have been working away to update our website and are coming up with more collections for your enjoyment. We also have a wide selection of new products in the store since we closed (March 13th) so if you havent already been in come and pop by. Please remember a mask to wear as you will not be allowed in without one.

We have lots of porch decor item, bug off candles, lidded tumblers, and trays to meet your needs for patio living so check out our facebook for pictures and see what you can get customized 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and as always 


Happy Shopping