News of the Month


Fall is in there air! 

We have some exciting news we have hired an amazing individual, Mel! She is learning the ropes of all things Canadian made quickly and turning into the perfect addition to the store. She might welcome you the next time you are in the store ;)

We are gearing up for this last quarter and cant believe its upon us. Start your gift giving online now. Head over to and order your gift box to be shipped to anyone in the world. We are hoping to get international orders out by November 1st to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas!  So if you have someone you are missing or might be missing home send them a box full of MADE IN CANADA items that have been customer favourites! Lots of themes available to make anyone feel loved, special, and of course spoiled! 

With the cooler temperatures we have definitely noticed more walk in customers so we have opened up 7 days a week! WAHOO! Now you really have no excuse to not come and visit! We hope to see you soon and often


Stay safe, stay healthy, and as always 

 Happy Shopping