Meet the Maker

Hey everyone, 

Every Tuesday I do a meet the maker on my facebook so then I will copy them here so you can easily refer to them. This way you can learn about the vendors that I bring into the store and message me if you would like to custom order or have other questions about their products!  

Meet the Makers

1. Stacey is a photographer, entrepeneur and wiener dog lover! Specializing in women's head shots, she is passionate about authentic photos that bring out the best in you! Last year, she started Say it with Stacey, a custom gift and apparel business. Her motto in life is to find joy in every day, celebrate life's small victories and occasions; and was inspired to create unique custom gifts that allow you to have 'your' say. I can honestly say I work closely with her on lots of the products I bring to the store and if you have ANY custom quotes that you want let me know and we will work our magic to bring you a gift either for you or you special someone that will be loved!

2.Im featuring an amazing talent who owns Timberflag. Sue makes signs, socks, glass containers (in vinyl and etched glass)for Rustic Daisy's She loves trying new things and is up for any challenge I throw her. She lives in Flamborough Ontario and loves creating new things. She is one of my many talented vendors that will do custom orders . So if you have an idea or a wish list of sock saying we are happy to work with you to make these dreams reality. No job is to big or to small for Sue! So come in and let us customize a perfect sign for your porch when getting ready for summer patio season!

3. At the store we have brought in cards by a self-taught artist who grew up in the small town of Heidelberg, Ontario.
Jonathan Munz. He and his sister Laura have teamed up to bring an amazing line of artwork to the public that is very canadian. He is clearly influenced by the group of 7 and his time up north during his childhood summers. The gallery is based in Waterloo and an amazing place to visit. Come into Rustic Daisy's to take a look at just a sample of what Paint by Munzy has to offer! Looking forward to working more with Laura to bring his artwork into Waterdown!

4. Nyki is a good friend of mine who is a stay at home mom of two little boys. She has recently picked up crocheting and loves to find a new challenge! So far she has made turtles, bunnies, and now octupus for Rustic Daisy's and is currently working on ...unicorns! She has made blankets, slippers, and mitts in the past. So please come in to the store and check out her stuffed animals and perhaps do a custom order!

5. Heather and Les are a powerhouse duo, located in Grimbsy Ontario, who seem to do it all. Grow vegetables, renovate houses, plan workshops and make anything imaginable out of wood. I have known them for years and they are the kindest people I know. Heather started creating gift baskets for corporations and now is passionate about making signs, garde n boxes, clocks, and anything you could think of to have around your house in wood. Her husband crafts them and she does the staining and the artwork. So come on in to Rustic Daisys and ask and I will be happy point out what they make and take a custom order if you want something changed! They are always up for a challenge!

6. I am so excited to share the maker Teresa from Giftologie. She is so talented. She created her line with using scrap pieces of aluminum and has turned into a line of not only bracelets but also necklaces and earrings. She is located in St. Catherines Ontario and loves to give back. Parts of the proceeds of all her products go back into her community through different organizations. Currently it is the boys and girls club of St. Catherines and their food initiative programs to teach kids about healthy eating! Come into the store and check out some of her amazing aluminum cuffs the perfect gift!

7. I want to touch base on a local women who is very talented in what she does. Debbie Shelton makes gorgeous wreaths for all occasions. She finds materials from signs, burlap, mesh, silk flowers stuffed animals, flags anything and weaves them into gorgeous 3D wreaths. She lives right here in waterdown and can custom make wreaths for any occasion! She loves spending time out in the garden and promoting her wreaths at craft markets. But you can pick yours up in store any day of the week. So come in this week to pick up one or ask for a custom order! Canada Day wreaths will be arriving tonight but I have flowers and spring ones in the shop currently! Love supporting local talent especially when they are right in the neighbourhood

8. A shout out to Sue who owns Sue B Designs. She lives in Burlington and has a career but as taken up jewelry making and Im in love. It is made out of Copper which she creates her pieces from start to finish. Pounding the copper out and welding it together. Making some of the clasps and then hand paints each one to be truly unique and different. Come and stop in to see what she has and we will be bringing more in for Christmas. Thanks Sue for being so awesome and so Talented!

9. Today is all about a young couple in who live in Sooke BC. They have created 2 lines of products that are amazing. They hubby of the pair is a plumber by trade and created a concept where he goes out into the ocean and harvests the sea salt. Then she gets the sale and adds natural scents and flavours to it for either cooking with it or bathing in it. This power duo has grown over the last few years and I am addicted to their Sea Salt company especially in my mashed potatoes. Here at Rustic Daisy's we have 7 scents to make your bath time ritual calming or 12 cooking flavours to make your backyard bbq exciting! Which on is your favourite flavour?

10.  I would like to focus on all of my Goat milk products from Crosswind Farm. They are located in Keene Ontario. They started selling the collection in 2016 however the family has been making bath products for years to help with dry skin. It started with pure goat milk baths and now to a collection of soaps, facial creams, body butters, and milk powder for the bath. These products are amazing and come from an amazing family who are always expanding their lines and their cheeses from goats milk are amazing! If you ever find them at a farmers market in the area!

11. Old Soul Soap Company you are up! These soaps look just like fudge and smell amazing! The company is in Sudbury Ontario and started off because of all the harmful chemicals in different beauty products. These soaps are 100% vegan and the quality of them is amazing! The company also decided that 2019 would be the year that they made themselves 100% plastic free by January 2020... happy to report that they have achieved this is just the first 6 months of 2019! Come in and pick up a favourite smell.. from Tutti Fruity, to Mountain Air to Merlot the possibilities are endless (order in small batches so only limited quantities are available in store).

12.  Zenon Honey; A family run honey producer that lives in Flamborough close to Copetown! They produce honey from over 500 hives between brantford, guelph, burlington, and Ancaster! Their honey is amazing and unpasturized. I carry both raw (which is scraped of the comb and put in the jar) and liquid (which is simply put through a filter to get the comb out) both equally delicious! Being local it helps children overcome and prevent allergies! Come pick up yours today!

13. White Birch Jewelry! From Golden British Columbia these sustainably sourced earrings are so precious! Made in small batches each are uniques and different to there batch! Tessa started this business small while being on maternity leave and soon grew it to what it is today with lots of different designs and colours. The leather she uses comes from remnants that she sources as loos

14. I have a family friend Ellen who is amazing! She lives in Greenville and has constantly been into quilting for much of her adult life! Her work is outstanding and each piece is different. Buying her quilts is not only buying a quilt But a labour of love! Which one would you like to bring into your home for years to come.

15. I love Tiffany's art work so much I cant believe I havent talked about her! So here is a little more about this very talented artists. She lives in Toronto and started painting at a young age and mainly self taught her artists. Her paintings demonstrate her love and appreciation for nature and all its beauty! She began as an oil painter and moved towards acrylics but loves painting on all sorts of canvas' (wood especially) and can create all different sizes of works (she also has done pillow cases She loves challenges so will 100% do custom pieces from pictures or ideas. Come in and see if you can "spot" some of her work and if you have an idea let me know and we can definitely work with you to bring it to reality! 

16.  From Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Jenn started as an accountant but needed more fun and excitement in her life . She quit accounting and with some design skills and a freakishly funny mind she came up with some rather rude cards. But they always bring a smile to someones face. Rudelove cards are AMAZING!

17. Sue was one of my first vendors back in soon as we finished our phone call I knew we would be working together for a while! She is a local #bosslady who hold multiple hats and day jobs but i love her enthusiasm and her candles. She custom makes all her candles and works with me to create Rustic Daisy special scents for various occasions. She is excellent at details and precision when it comes to her business and her candles are one of the highest qualities Ive had the pleasure of burning in a while! Come in and check out some of my fall favourites like Banana Bread, Pumpkin Waffle, Fireside Vanilla, and Cranberry Chuntey... I also have one she calls flannel but I call "Abercrombie Boy"

Adding to this list on a regular basis! Something you want to see on this website or in this store reach out and message me!